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“There’s enough Trip Hop in it and I like it…awesome stuff”
- Mark Ryan, Amazing Radio, UK -
Includes singles 'The Echo' and 'So Still' supported by Tom Robinson on BBC Radio 6 Music
Gary Crawley on BBC Radio London
John Kennedy on XFM
Simon Raymonde on Amazing Radio
" A dystopian dream that’ll pull you in and leave you wanting more " - Gigslutz -
" An imposing introduction, all velvet noir and barbed production " - Clash Magazine -
" A massive sound you won’t forget about quickly " - Fame Magazine -
" 'Indefensible' does bring something new to the table " - Soundsphere Magazine -
" A shadowy noir dream draped ethereal beauty crafted from out of body mirages " - The Sunday Experience -
" This is one lab experiment where everything's gone according to plan " - The Sound Of Confusion -

01/11/2017 - The Monarch
40-42 Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8BG, London, UK

07/10/2017 - Mau Mau Bar
265 Portobello Road, W11 1 London, UK

15/09/2017 - Worcester Music Festival 2017
Firefly, 54 Lowesmoor, WR1 2 Worcester, Worcestershire, UK

28/04/2017 - Ladies Night at THE UNICORN
227 Camden Road, NW1 9AA, Camden, London, UK

11/03/2017 - Live Insights Through BLACK IN WHITE
Unit 1, Hamlet Industrial Estates, 96 White Post Lane,London, UK

10/03/2017 - THE WATER RATS
328 Gray's Inn Road, Kings Cross, London, WC1X 8BZ, UK

14/01/2017 - PROUD CAMDEN
Chalk Farm Road, NW1 8AH Camden, London, UK

12 St Thomas Street, Bristol, UK

373 Commercial Road, E1 0LA London, UK

05/08/2016 -ARENA San Ferdinando
- Opening for roberto Angelini & Piercortese
San Nicola LS, Caserta, IT

128 Hartington Rd, SW8 2HJ, London, UK

11 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU , London, UK

27/02/2016 - THE ISLINGTON
1 Tolpuddle Street N1 0XT, London, Uk

22/01/2016 -THE SPICE OF LIFE
6 Moor Street, W1D 5NA, London, Uk

11 Hoxton Square, N1 6NU , London, UK

13/01/2016 -ZEALOUS X FESTIVAL 2016 @ RICH MIX
“The Dark Side of Electro Pop” - buy tickets
35 - 47 Bethnal Green Road, E1 6LA, London, Uk

Heavily influenced by Trip Hop, Dark Wave and Psychedelia, The Actions began writing and producing their own music trying to create a fusion between the three, the resulting sound is a product of years of experimentation and collaboration with different artists.Their first single "The Real Thing" was picked by MTV US and included in the original soundtrack of the slasher movie 'My Super Psycho Sweet 16'.
Dedicated live performers they’ve seen themselves sharing the bill with globally recognised artists such as R.E.M., Green Day and Garbage.
To date they picked up support from the likes of BBC 6 Music’s Tom Robinson, BBC London’s Gary Crowley, Radio X’s John Kennedy, Amazing Radio’s Simon Raymonde (Cocteau Twins, Bella Union) and Mark Ryan, plus a number of independent and collage radio stations in Europe, USA and Canada.

"An existential imagery where everything feels estranged and all the links between inner world and outer reality seem damaged or broken" - Ralph's Life -

"A maelstrom of emotion" - Born Music Live -


"pretty much everyone involved in the festival looking forward to their set" - Mytacism Music -

"A realm of beat-based instrumentation that simmers long after you have taken off your headphones."

'Indefensible' Ep reviewed on

"The new five track EP is thrillingly diverse and unpidgeonholeable as it crosses over many genres, post-punk, noise-pop, dreampop and darkwave to name a few. The opener 'The Echo' is an exhilarating epic of a track full of fuzzy, overdriven guitars, distorted vocals,and a hell of a bass groove running through it to seamlessly bring all the different segments together. The biggest compliment we can give it, is to compare the song, in bringing such a fusion of incredible sounds together, to Radiohead's 'Paranoid Android'..."- Alternative Tracks UK

"the British duo have done it the weirdly right way"
- Soundsphere Magazine -

"Silty’s voice transmits a dark sensuality that could bears comparison to Alison Goldfrapp or Portishead’s Beth Gibbons, except with a darker, harder edge."
- Vents Magazine -

"a shadowy noir dream draped ethereal beauty crafted from out of body mirages"
- The Sunday Experience -

"The Actions' Indefensible EP. A massive sound you won't forget about quickly."
- Fame Magazine - London

"new EP – Indefensible – oozes dark, stylised melodies with an ethereal aura. As vocalist, Silty’s, sensual voice flows alongside distorted guitars, one can’t help but think of artists such as Portishead or Goldfrapp. A dystopian dream that’ll pull you in and leave you wanting more."
- Gigslutz

"The underground calling of this band embraces a telling alternative style. That turns an a rich and detailed calling that embraces everything from New Wave, Trip Hop all the way through to Dark Wave. The results are staggering with a parlance occupied in the music here that is a beauty in its own right while at the same time retaining an incredible sense of identify in the process."
- U&I Magazine - Dublin

"'Counting All Days' is an imposing introduction, all velvet noir and barbed production."
- Clash Magazine

"The Actions have created a sound so powerful, dynamic, and full of conviction that you won’t be able to forget about them in a hurry for all the right reasons."
- The Vinyl District

"They’re a favourite of ours on Clowdy purely for their refreshing and hard hitting sounds along with seriously well crafted and symbolic music videos to mesmerise the eyes if the ears weren’t getting enough."
- Clowdy

"On EP track ‘Counting All Days’ the bands ability to straddle genres is apparent. The dream-like sound that permeates the likes of Portishead is spliced with guitar pieces akin to 80’s new wave favourites The Cure. There are definite nods to bands of yesteryear compiled in such a way, that there is a modern twist, making The Actions even more intriguing."

"We’ve become very attached to the track which leads us to assume that The Actions are either incredibly good at producing great tracks, or we’re in fact a little slow… we went for the former."
- SubbaCultcha

"This song has guts and longevity. It is beautiful and an artistic triumph."
- St. Paul's Lifestyle

"The Echo is a song worth everyone’s attention…"
- BBM Live

"The single will capture your attention within the opening notes..."
- Planet Stereo

"There's a weight and power behind these sounds—a rumbling half-submerged force that is continually threatening to erupt and flood everything in waves of dense guitars and battering percussive elements."
- Joshua Pickard,

"We’ve never been to a Green Day gig, but if they’ve got support like The Actions we’re obviously missing out."
- Supajam

"Every note sang by her rings with a blend of solitude and power, and the duo’s production drips with strength and conviction."
- Circuit Sweet

"The final moments are a powerful cone of splashing sounds, wheezing and gaseous trumpeting. As the shards fall around you, you will look for the replay button."
- Neil Mach, Raw Ramp

"They are a unique mixture that brilliant paint a glowing sound movement sculpture. This band are an impressive talent, got all the music tools, for sure!"
- Forkster's Daily Band Review

"Comprised of five tracks that range from the EP's dark and brooding eponymous 'Indefensible' to the light almost La Roux-esque synth pop vocal of lead track 'The Echo' (Ralph's giving that a spin on Radio KC this Sunday) with its i(nbuilt, choppy 80's pop guitar al la Haircut 100 and Marta's consistently impeccable vocals…"(read more)

“This Roadtrip trip would've meant I missed some action by The Actions,so I reverted to the original plan and was very glad I did so !!! Arriving around 22.05 ,I spotted Nick Crispin and Gražina Matul. The Actions were almost set up,and were soon off on their psych rock odyssey.
Yes,good music,and a good long set,cut a teeny bit short by a technical problem. The Gig Slut likes long sets. I had a few words with them all apres gig, Mo, Marta and Salvatore.Thanks for the ep Mo!
Also chatted with Nick and Grazina,and we all left."
- Tooting Tram & Social gig live review by Roger Mairlot (The Gig Slut), London UK

"Like a David Lynch/Portishead lovechild, weaned on rock, this is the jam that will take you in to the weekend! Absolutely stellar original by The Actions!
- TC-Helicon ,USA

“This London band has a dark side to their style that pours out on "The Echo". It all sits in place and the clean way that it glazes over on everything in the tempo excites. How the urgency builds has a clever exactness to it that necessitates all of the running, while commandeering a New Wave feel in the other nuances that show in the details here…(read more)
- U&I Magazine, Dublin, Ireland

“Fusing elements of electronica, post rock and psychedelia, The Echo is like being stretched out over a musical event horizon, as you’re propelled from one sonic dimension to another. One minute you’re bouncing to the synth bass groove of the chorus, the next you’re drifting in a spaced out freak out, or bathing in a squall of twisted, overdriven guitars. What’s really impressive is that The Actions are able to thread all these twists and turns together with ease, and it makes for one hell of a trip!”
- James Robins, Fresh On The Net, London, UK

" The EP is full of energetic beats and smooth vocals. My fave tracks on the EP are The Echo and Counting All Days, I really love Marta's vocals and also the memorable instrumental beats.You can really sense how psychedelia has influenced this EP, The Actions also draw their musical influences from genres such as Trip Hop, Dark and Electronica.The Actions are lead by female vocalist Silty (Marta) and the band have already made their mark on the music scene...(read more)"
-"Indefensible Ep" review by Boulent Mustafa at Oceanic Blue UK

"Have you ever spent time watching TV channels like National Geographic or Discovery Science, or have you spent a few hours aimlessly surfing around YouTube? If so then you will probably have at some point stumbled upon programmes about cryptids, conspiracy theories or secret government cross-breeding experiments that have gone wrong. Music can seem like one big endless cross-breeding experiment, and The Actions fit that description perfectly, only this one doesn't go wrong. Far from it in fact. The songs on new EP 'INDEFENSIBLE' take bits and bobs from...(read more)"
-"Indefensible Ep" review by The Sound Of Confusion UK

"Last night,My SlutFans, The Gig Slut first went to The Islington to see The Actions .It was good to have a little chat to Gražina Matul and Nick Crispin,and also see Mig,Keith and Terry.
The Actions played a very stylish set,rock and slightly retro.
Very good to hear Mo Stellato and co. do their thing."
-The Islington gig live review by Roger Mairlot


"An impressive and explosive opening shot, the real thing introduces the actions as a band worthy of your undivided attention and unconditional love."

"cool matches everywhere, marta's er, idiosyncratic vox bring to mind a kind of yoko & noosha fox hybrid, but one that can ride a metallic pop-rock storm with ease."

"the real thing is an attitude fuelled pop rock number complete with distorted guitars and a fantastically howled chorus, showcasing the power of female lead singer marta. it's a noisy, grungy, indie rock number that's full of frantic energy with the band battering the living daylights out of their instruments."

"rock music written with just the right amounts of light and shade. nonchalant attitude on the verses and angst fuelled choruses make 'the real thing' an attractive nugget of stop/start rock.this tune is in my head, and it rocks...hard."

"centro per il primo singolo dei the actions "wasted", un bell' elettropop che richiama alla mente i garbage, e che contiene al suo interno una citazione di "waiting for the man" di lou reed, creando un atmosfera sensuale e seducente, che coniuga la parte indie-rock a un' ottima capacità di scrittura pop supportata da arrangiamenti molto efficaci e suoni modernissimi e patinatissimi. we want more."

"dagli stooges ai beatles, rielaborano la tradizione e la trasformano in freschezza contemporanea. particolare colto dalla stampa londinese, che non ha lesinato elogi."

"il singolo "the real thing" e' trascinato da un riff urticante e dalla voce mediamente isterico-sensuale della cantante-bassista, mentre il sound guarda a the rakes e kasebian...saranno famosi?puo' darsi e l'uncino di "the real thing" lo meriterebbe , ancor piu' grazie al paio di remix gia' preparati ad hoc..."
— Federico Vacalebre, IL MATTINO (ITALY)

"la sensazione che si stia ascoltando qualcosa di valido. la conferma che arriva immediata, come un'ondata di qualità cristallina. stilla grinta e autorevolezza, l'ugola della argenio, il cui cantato spigoloso – davvero poco friendly - sorprende per padronanza della lingua straniera regina, con accenti a tratti marcatamente slang. l'impressione quella dell'urgenza, in primo luogo, di distinguersi dal mucchio."

"le note del brano di apertura "the real thing" colpiscono con un energia benefica, sporca, vitale. eredi ideali del suono ruvido di band classiche come i sonics o illuminate come i pixies. dalle piccole crepe del muro di suoni emergono richiami al pop di matrice britannica. coesione perfetta ed equilibrio, una band che ha i numeri giusti per emergere."

"un canto femminile, spesso filtrato su frequenze oniriche, in grado di trasformare qualsiasi afasia in voglia di contatto emotivo. seguiteli ad occhi chiusi."

"ritornelli che si stampano nelle menti degli ascoltatori, formano un irresistibile voglia di portare il tempo. dopo un paio di ascolti vi ritroverete a canticchiarle per la strada o ad alzare il volume del vostro stereo per saltare dalla gioia di accompagnarli nei brani."

"trio semplice, essenziale e devastante durante la performance live. la parola "power" trova la sua giusta collocazione vicino al termine trio: marta prima crea il muro sonoro con il suo basso e poi ci decanta sopra con sensualità e aggressività. veramente un bello spettacolo. testi in inglese con riff semplici, d'impatto, che trasportano l'ascoltatore e gli fanno vivere momenti di passione e sano rock and roll."

"as canções em inglês agradam aos ouvidos dos fãs de indie rock. não é à toa que a banda já começou a agitar no reino unido, afinal bandas indie britânicas como the rakes, the editors, kasabian ou arctic monkeys cairiam perfeitamente no mesmo ipod de um fã do the actions. é difícil ver uma banda de rock italiana dando suas bandas no mercado nacional. pois o the actions não somente aterrissou em terras brasilis como lançou seu disco de estréia, real, por aqui antes de em qualquer país, até mesmo na itália."

"o obscuro actions lançou um álbum intitulado "real" e... surpresa! melodias contagiantes, construídas por guitarras aceleradas e grudentas dominam boa parte do disco. é como se a gracinha juliette lewis tivesse resolvido dar uma voltinha pela península e gravasse um álbum por lá. marta canta bem, a base instrumental é simplona porém sólida. porém, até chegar lá, você já terá perdido o fôlego com "the real thing" (que abre o disco em ritmo totalmente up), "a new day" ou "destination", hit certeiro em qualquer pista alternativa que se preze."